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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010RAM analysis of repairable industrial systems utilizing uncertain dataKomal; Sharma S.P.; Kumar D.
1997Behavioural Analysis and Maintenance Planning for the Coal Crushing System in a Thermal Power PlantArora N.; Kumar D.
2020Clinical Evaluation of Desarda’s Repair for Inguinal HerniaSharma H.; Garg P.; Marwah S.; Jangra M.; Kaushik D.; Singla P.
2016Forces acting on particles in a Pelton bucket and similarity considerations for erosionRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2019Financial analysis for optimization of hydropower plants regarding hydro-abrasive erosion: A study from Indian HimalayasRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2020Combining PARP with ATR inhibition overcomes PARP inhibitor and platinum resistance in ovarian cancer modelsKim H.; Xu H.; George E.; Hallberg D.; Kumar, Sushil; Jagannathan V.; Medvedev S.; Kinose Y.; Devins K.; Verma P.; Ly K.; Wang Y.; Greenberg R.A.; Schwartz L.; Johnson N.; Scharpf R.B.; Mills G.B.; Zhang R.; Velculescu V.E.; Brown E.J.; Simpkins F.
2020Fuzzy metrics and cost optimization of a fault-tolerant system with vacationing and unreliable serverJain, Madhu; Kumar P.; Meena R.K.
2020Fuzzy cost optimization and admission control for machine interference problem with general retrialJain, Madhu; Sanga S.S.
2014Unreliable bulk retrial queues with delayed repairs and modified vacation policyJain, Madhu; Bhagat A.
2021Bernoulli vacation model for M X/G/ 1 unreliable server retrial queue with bernoulli feedback, balking and optional serviceJain, Madhu; Kaur S.