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Title: 2D–3D Non-rigid Registration Using Depth from Gradient Information
Authors: Bala Anu
Kumar S.
Bhargava R.
Published in: 3D Research
Abstract: This paper introduces a new registration algorithm for image to object registration. This 2D–3D non-rigid registration is achieved by reconstructing a 3D surface from the given image and then registering it to the target surface. First, we calculate image gradients and then these gradients are used to evaluate depth at pixel-level. Registration is carried out upon the depth data. A transformation field is generated using surface gradients. The source surface is updated using the transformation field until it aligns with the target surface. The key advantage of our approach is that it can also be used to perform 2D-2D as well as 3D-3D registrations. The effectiveness of our approach has been judged by applying the algorithm on various test images. The proposed algorithm can be further used in 3D object recognition.
Citation: 3D Research (2015), 6(): 34-45
Issue Date: 2015
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