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Title: Long term spatial and temporal rainfall trends and homogeneity analysis in Wainganga basin, Central India
Authors: Taxak A.K.
Murumkar A.R.
Arya, Dhyan Singh
Published in: Weather and Climate Extremes
Abstract: Gridded rainfall data of 0.5×0.5° resolution (CRU TS 3.21) was analysed to study long term spatial and temporal trends on annual and seasonal scales in Wainganga river basin located in Central India during 1901-2012. After testing the presence of autocorrelation, Mann-Kendall (Modified Mann-Kendall) test was applied to non-auto correlated (auto correlated) series to detect the trends in rainfall data. Theil and Sen[U+05F3]s slope estimator test was used for finding the magnitude of change over a time period. For detecting the most probable change year, Pettitt-Mann-Whitney test was applied. The Rainfall series was then divided into two partial duration series for finding changes in trends before and after the change year. Arc GIS was used to explore spatial patterns of the trends over the entire basin. Though most of the grid points shows a decreasing trend in annual rainfall, only seven grids has a significant decreasing trend during 1901-2012. On the basis of seasonal trend analysis, non-significant increasing trend is observed only in post monsoon season while seven grid points show significant decreasing trend in monsoon rainfall and non-significant in pre-monsoon and winter rainfall over the last 112 years. During the study period, overall a 8.45% decrease in annual rainfall is estimated. The most probable year of change was found to be 1948 in annual and monsoonal rainfall. There is an increasing rainfall trend in the basin during the period 1901-1948, which is reversed during the period 1949-2012 resulting in decreasing rainfall trend in the basin. Homogeneous trends in annual and seasonal rainfall over a grid points is exhibited in the basin by van Belle and Hughes[U+05F3] homogeneity trend test. © 2014 The Authors.
Citation: Weather and Climate Extremes (2014), 4(): 50-61
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Elsevier
Keywords: Homogeneity Mann-Kendall test
Sen's slope estimator
ISSN: 22120947
Author Scopus IDs: 56287286200
Author Affiliations: Taxak, A.K., Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, 247667 Uttarakhand, India
Murumkar, A.R., Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, 247667 Uttarakhand, India
Arya, D.S., Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, 247667 Uttarakhand, India
Corresponding Author: Arya, D.S.; Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, 247667 Uttarakhand, India; email:
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