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dc.contributor.authorPote S.E.-
dc.contributor.authorSingal, Sunil Kumar-
dc.contributor.authorSrivastava D.K.-
dc.identifier.citationAsian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution (2012), 9(1): 117-122-
dc.description.abstractRivers are under increasing stress due to urbanization and other anthropogenic activities, leading to their over-exploitation and degradation. Godavari originates near Triambak in the Nasik district of Maharashtra, and flows through Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Although its point of origin is just 80 km away from the Arabian Sea, it journeys 1465 km to fall into the Bay of Bengal. Like most other rivers, domestic pollution is the biggest polluter of the river Godavari, accounting for 82% of total pollution, whereas industrial pollution accounts for about 18%. The study covers 78 km of the river starting from the Kaigaon Toka to Shahagad. Six locations were selected for collection of water samples from the river and were analysed for water quality parameters in the environmental laboratory of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), Aurangabad. This data as well as the data from the Central Pollution Control Board were used to compute the National Sanitation, Foundation Water Quality Index (NSFWQI), which is generally applicable in USA and India. The results of the NSFWQI of Godavari River indicates its water quality as bad-medium over the stretch. Based on the results, the existing conservation measures have been reviewed and additional measures are suggested. The study concludes that major stress is industrial effluents and domestic pollution.-
dc.relation.ispartofAsian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution-
dc.subjectassessment of surface water quality-
dc.subjectWater quality management-
dc.subjectwater quality parameters-
dc.titleAssessment of surface water quality of Godavari river at Aurangabad-
dc.affiliationPote, S.E., Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, IIT Roorkee, 247667, Uttar Pradesh, India-
dc.affiliationSingal, S.K., Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, IIT Roorkee, 247667, Uttar Pradesh, India-
dc.affiliationSrivastava, D.K., Department of Hydrology, IIT Roorkee, 247667, Uttar Pradesh,-
dc.description.correspondingauthorSingal, S.K.; Alternate Hydro Energy Centre, IIT Roorkee, 247667, Uttar Pradesh, India; email:
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