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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Interaction of thyroid hormone and steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein in the regulation of murine Leydig cell steroidogenesisManna P.R.; Roy P.; Clark B.J.; Stocco D.M.; Huhtaniemi I.T.
2012Modelling of bioprocess for streptokinase production using mechanistic and neural network approachesKumar P.; Ghosh S.; Savoie M.J.; Callaos N.C.; Siddique M.; Sanchez B.; Zinn C.D.; Tremante A.
2018Surface Grafted Core-Shell IPN Hydrogel Nanoparticles for Delivery of Hydrophobic DrugsSingh M.; Banerjee S.; Roy P.; Singh R.P.
2014Use of simulation and intelligence based optimization approach in bioprocessKumar P.; Ghosh S.; Deep K.; Nagar A.; Pant M.; Bansal J.C.
2019Production of biofuel by utilizing hydrolysate of waste biomassDahiya S.; Chowdhury R.; Kumar P.; Ghosh S.; Grassi A.; Helm P.; Carvalho M.d.G.; Scarlat N.
2003Gluconic acid production under varying fermentation conditions by Aspergillus nigerSingh O.V.; Jain R.K.; Singh R.P.
2017Reference based inter chromosomal similarity based DNA sequence compression algorithmBanerjee K.; Prasad R.A.; Astya P.N.; Gupta K.; Sharma V.; Swaroop A.; Singh M.
2011Molecular modeling study of interaction of anthracenedione class of drug mitoxantrone and its analogs with DNA tetrameric sequencesAwasthi P.; Dogra S.; Awasthi L.K.; Barthwal R.; Arabnia H.R.; Tran Q.N.
2019Surface grafted core-shell chitosan-modified solid lipid nanoparticles: Characterization and application in hydrophobic drug deliverySingh M.; Mishra R.; Dubey S.; Roy P.; Singh R.P.
2008Small and lethal: Searching for new antibacterial compounds with novel modes of actionPathania R.; Brown E.D.
2014Application of neural network and genetic algorithm based approaches to bioprocessKumar P.; Ghosh S.
2014A new technique in reference based DNA sequence compression algorithm: Enabling partial decompressionBanerjee K.; Prasad R.A.; Simos T.E.; Monovasilis T.; Simos T.E.; Kalogiratou Z.; Simos T.E.; Simos T.E.; Simos T.E.
2001Determination of the absolute two-photon absorption cross section of tryptophanSengupta P.; Balaji J.; Mukherjee S.; Philip R.; Kumar G.R.; Maiti S.; Periasamy A.; So P.T.C.
2013Emerging technologies for oral diagnostics: Lessons from chronic graftversus-host diseaseMays J.W.; Ambatipudi K.S.; Bassim C.W.; Melvin J.E.
2019Fabrication and Characterization of Carbon Nanotube Microdevices for CO2 Gas Sensing and Other ApplicationsKumar N.; Navani N.K.; Manhas S.K.
2018Beam Steering THz Antenna Array using Graphene-based Phase ShifterVarshney A.K.; Pathak N.P.; Sircar D.
2011Stability of Murraya koenigii miraculin-like protein in different physicochemical conditionsPatel G.K.; Shee C.; Gahloth D.; Selvakumar P.; Sharma A.K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17