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Title: A dedicated microcontroller based fuzzy controlled shunt active power filter
Authors: Jain S.K.
Agarwal, Pramod
Gupta H.O.
Published in: Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing
Abstract: This paper presents a dedicated micro-controller based fuzzy logic controller for three-phase shunt active power filter. It is used to improve power quality by compensating harmonics and reactive power requirement of non-linear loads. The compensation process proposed is simple, which is based on sensing line currents and regulating the do link voltage. It operates without sensing the harmonic or reactive volt-ampere requirement of the load. Fuzzy logic control is used to regulate the do link voltage in place of the conventional PI controller, as the fuzzy control is based on simple linguistic variables and does not require the mathematical model of the system. Response of the fuzzy controller is compared with the conventional PI controller by simulation study. An attempt is made to implement a complex control like fuzzy logic on an inexpensive 8-bit micro-controller (INTEL 8031). Various experimental results are presented under steady state and transient conditions. © 2005 TSI® Press.
Citation: Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing (2005), 11(1): 33-46
Issue Date: 2005
Keywords: Active filter
Fuzzy logic
Power quality
ISSN: 10798587
Author Scopus IDs: 57193911714
Author Affiliations: Jain, S.K., Dept. of Elect. Engg, M.A.N.I.T, Bhopal, India
Agarwal, P., Dept. of Elect. Engg, I. I. T, Roorkee, India
Gupta, H.O., Dept. of Elect. Engg, I. I. T, Roorkee, India
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