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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An electro thermomechanical analysis of hydroelectric machines operated in condenser regime under single phasing fault and excitation failureRaja Singh R.; Chelliah T.R.
2018Design and Implementation of Fourth Arm for Elimination of Bearing Current in NPC-MLI-Fed Induction Motor DriveBharatiraja C.; Selvaraj R.; Chelliah T.R.; Munda J.L.; Tariq M.; Maswood A.I.
2019Transboundary issues of water governance in Mekong river basinKansal M.L.; Sridhar V.; Mwanga E.E.; Scott G.F.; Hamilton W.
2018Long Term Historic Changes of Precipitation and Aridity Index over an Indian River BasinDayal D.; Pandey A.; Himanshu S.K.; Palmate S.S.; Kamojjala S.
2018A Study of Urban Water Supply System Resilience for the Capital City of Delhi, IndiaKansal M.L.; Sridhar V.; Singh N.; Kamojjala S.
2017Energy saving strategy on electric propulsion system integrated with doubly fed asynchronous motorsSingh R.R.; Chelliah T.R.; Khare D.; Ramesh U.S.
2017Analysis of scalar and vector control based efficiency-optimized induction motors subjected to inverter and sensor faultsKarthik D.; Chelliah T.R.
2018Sizing of electrical generators in marine propulsion system for better fuel efficiencyChandrasekar M.; Kumar B.A.; Chelliah T.R.
2012Fuzzy fault tree analysis of a power transformerAgarwal S.S.; Kansal M.L.
2015Enforcement of ELC using reduced dump load for micro hydropower plant with the interpretation of switching transients and vibrationsPanda R.; Singh R.R.; Chelliah T.R.