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Title: Iridium anomaly in Anjar intertrappean beds and the K/T boundary
Authors: Bajpai, Sunil
Published in: Memoirs - Geological Society of India
Abstract: The recent discovery of an iridium anomaly in the Deccan inter-trappean beds near Anjar (Kachchh, Gujarat), seen in conjunction with high resolution absolute ages of associated basalts, provides a unique opportunity to document terrestrial faunal and floral turnover at the K/T boundary. While the exact cause of iridium enrichment still remains controversial, it is clear that the iridium levels at Anjar do not coincide with the highest stratigraphic occurrence of dinosaur fossils. Additional inputs, especially palynological, may help to define the K/T boundary in this section.
Citation: Memoirs - Geological Society of India (1996), 37(): 313-319
Issue Date: 1996
Author Scopus IDs: 16214305000
Author Affiliations: Bajpai, S.
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