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Title: Cretaceous age for Ir-rich Deccan intertrappean deposits: Palaeontological evidence from Anjar, western India
Authors: Bajpai, Sunil
Prasad G.V.R.
Published in: Journal of the Geological Society
Abstract: Micropalaeontological investigations of an iridium-bearing, lacustrine intertrappean sedimentary sequence at the western margin of the Deccan volcanic province near Anjar, have revealed a profuse occurrence of theropod eggshell fragments (ornithoid type) in beds overlying the iridium-enriched levels. Associated late Cretaceous ostracods, lack of evidence of reworking, and the absence of any exclusively Palaeocene taxa above the iridium levels, taken together, indicate that the extinction of dinosaurs in the Indian subcontinent occurred after the deposition of Ir layers at Anjar, and that these Ir anomalies may significantly predate the K-T boundary.
Citation: Journal of the Geological Society (2000), 157(2): 257-260
Issue Date: 2000
Keywords: Cretaceous
Deccan Traps
K-T boundary
ISSN: 167649
Author Scopus IDs: 16214305000
Author Affiliations: Bajpai, S., Department of Earth Sciences, University of Roorkee, Roorkee 247 667, India
Prasad, G.V.R., Department of Geology, University of Jammu, Jammu 180 004, India
Corresponding Author: Bajpai, S.; Department of Earth Sciences, University of Roorkee, Roorkee 247 667, India; email:
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