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Title: Hydrochemical analysis to evaluate the seawater ingress in a small coral island of India
Authors: Banerjee, Pallavi
Singh V.S.
Singh A.
Prasad R.K.
Rangarajan R.
Published in: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
Abstract: The sustainable development of the limited groundwater resources in the tropical island requires a thorough understanding of detail hydrogeological regime including the hydrochemical behavior of groundwater. Detail analysis of chemical data of groundwater helps in assessing the different ground-water zone affected by formation as well as sea water. Groundwater and saline water interaction is better understood using groundwater major ion chemistry over an island aquifer. Multivariate methods to analyze the geochemical data are used to understand geochemical evolution of groundwater. The methods are successfully used to group the data to evaluate influence of various environs in the study area. Various classification methods such as piper, correlation method, and salinity hazard measurements are also employed to critical study of geochemical characteristics of groundwater to identify vulnerable parts of the aquifer. These approaches have been used to successfully evaluate the aquifer zones of a tiny island off the west coast of India. The most part of island is found to be safe for drinking, however some parts of island are identified that are affected by sea water ingress and dissolution of formation minerals. The analysis has successfully leaded to identification of that part of aquifer on the island which needs immediate attention for restoration and avoids further deterioration. © Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2011.
Citation: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (2012), 184(6): 3929-3942
Issue Date: 2012
Keywords: Aquifer quality management
Island aquifer
Statistical analysis
ISSN: 1676369
Author Scopus IDs: 24480592700
Author Affiliations: Banerjee, P., National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR), Hyderabad 500007, India
Singh, V.S., National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR), Hyderabad 500007, India
Singh, A., National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR), Hyderabad 500007, India
Prasad, R.K., National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR), Hyderabad 500007, India
Rangarajan, R., National Geophysical Research Institute (CSIR), Hyderabad 500007, India
Funding Details: The entire study has been financed by DST, New Delhi, and research fellowship from CSIR. Thanks are also to Director, NGRI, for his encouragements.
Corresponding Author: Banerjee, P.; Groundwater Building, NGRI, Uppal Rd., Hyderabad 500606, India; email:
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