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Title: A Permo-Carboniferous tide-storm interactive system: Talchir formation, Raniganj Basin, India
Authors: Bhattacharya H.N.
Bhattacharya, Biplab
Published in: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences
Abstract: Sandstone/siltstone-mudstone interbedded facies of the Permo-Carboniferous Talchir formation, Gondwana Supergroup, is exposed in the Raniganj Basin and records the activities of tidal currents in a terminoglacial, storm-influenced shallow marine setting. Tidal bundles of various types with pause plane drapes, evidence of time-velocity asymmetry and rare bidirectional current flow patterns are indicative of tidal activity. Chance preservation of such structures from storm reworking might have occurred due to dampening of storm waves on the low-gradient muddy substrate of the tidal flat. The tide-generated stratifications are draped by over-thickened muddy-siltstone with wavy/hummocky laminations. Increased suspended sediment concentrations following a storm yielded such thick mudstone drapes. Thin beds containing tidal structures indicate poor sediment supply in a blind tidal embayment. © 2005 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
Citation: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences (2006), 27(3): 303-311
Issue Date: 2006
Keywords: Raniganj Basin
Stratal architecture
Talchir Formation
Tide-storm interaction
ISSN: 13679120
Author Scopus IDs: 6701313623
Author Affiliations: Bhattacharya, H.N., Department of Geology, Presidency College, 86/1, College Street, Calcutta 700073, India
Bhattacharya, B., Department of Geology, Presidency College, 86/1, College Street, Calcutta 700073, India
Funding Details: The authors are grateful to University Grants Commission, Government of India, for financial support (Grant No. F.5-14/2001 (SR-1)). The authors are thankful to Dr Stuart W. Bull, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Tasmania, and Dr Asru K. Chaudhuri, Geological Studies Unit, Indian Statistical Institute for their comments on an early version of the manuscript. Constructive reviews by Prof. P. G. Eriksson, Department of Geology, University of Pretoria, and Prof. P. K. Bose, Department of Geological Sciences, Jadavpur University greatly improved the final manuscript. The authors are also thankful to the Department of Geology, Presidency College, Calcutta, for providing infrastructural facilities during the work.
Corresponding Author: Bhattacharya, H.N.; Department of Geology, Presidency College, 86/1, College Street, Calcutta 700073, India; email:
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