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Title: Implications of trace fossil assemblages from Late Paleozoic Glaciomarine Talchir Formation, Raniganj Basin, India
Authors: Bhattacharya, Biplab
Bhattacharya H.N.
Published in: Gondwana Research
Abstract: The trace fossil assemblages of the ice-marginal shallow marine sediments of the Talchir Formation (Permo-Carboniferous), Raniganj Basin, India, record the adverse effect of extreme climatic conditions on biota. The glaciomarine Talchir succession starts with glacial sediments near the base and gradually passes to storm-laid shallow marine sediments up-section. The fine-grained storm sediments host abundant trace fossils. Although the studied ichnites characteristically show marginal marine affinity, the ichnodiversity and bioturbation intensity suggest a lower than normal shallow marine trace fossil population. Further, endobenthic annelids, worms and crustaceans are identified as dominant trace-makers. Sediment reworking near the ice-grounding line, extremely cold climate, high-energy storm sedimentation and anomalous water chemistry hindered organic colonization during the early phases of Talchir sedimentation. Later, climatic amelioration ushered in a favourable ambience for the benthic community to colonize within or beyond the storm weather wave-base in the outer shoreface-shelf environment. Fluctuating storm energy dominantly controlled the availability and influence of other environmental stimuli in the environment, and thus, governed the distribution, abundance and association of the studied ichnites. However, impoverished ichnodiversity, sporadic distribution of the traces, overall smaller burrow dimensions, absence of body fossils, dominance of worms and annelids as trace-makers all indicate a stressed environmental condition, induced by cold climate and lowered marine salinity due to influx of glacier melt-out freshwater during climatic amelioration, in the Permo-Carboniferous ice-marginal sea. Crown Copyright © 2007.
Citation: Gondwana Research (2007), 12(4): 509-524
Issue Date: 2007
Keywords: Glaciomarine
Talchir Formation
Trace fossils
ISSN: 1342937X
Author Scopus IDs: 8627465800
Author Affiliations: Bhattacharya, B., Department of Geology, Durgapur Government College, Durgapur, 713214, India
Bhattacharya, H.N., Department of Geology, Presidency College, 86/1, College Street, Calcutta - 700073, India
Funding Details: The authors express their sincere thanks to R. G. Bromley for identification of one trace fossil of the study area. Authors are indebted to Patrick G. Eriksson and Rajat Mazumder for their painstaking review of the manuscript. The authors are thankful to Sri Abhijit Chakraborty for his constructive suggestions during the early phase of the work. Financial assistance from the University Grants Commission (Major Project No. F.5-14/2001 (SR-1)), Government of India, is gratefully acknowledged.
Corresponding Author: Bhattacharya, H.N.; Department of Geology, Presidency College, 86/1, College Street, Calcutta - 700073, India; email:
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