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dc.contributor.authorBhattacharya H.N.-
dc.contributor.authorBhattacharya, Biplab-
dc.contributor.authorPal S.-
dc.contributor.authorRoy A.-
dc.identifier.citationPrecambrian Research (2015), 257(): 109-113-
dc.description.abstractTidalites are preserved within a metavolcano-sedimentary succession of the Late Archaean Bababudan Group (Dharwar Supergroup) along the western boundary of the NNW-SSE trending Chitradurga greenstone belt, West Dharwar Craton, southern India. These may represent the oldest record of tidal processes in peninsular India. Millimetre thick sand-mud alternations, bidirectional cross-strata, mudstone-draped sandy foresets, reactivation surfaces indicating time-velocity asymmetry, sigmoidal cross-strata and mudstone draped flaser/lenticular bedding are displayed by the sandstone mudstone heterolithic facies in the upper part of the Bababudan succession, together implying a tidal depositional system. Thick-thin pairs of rhythmic foreset bundles correspond to neap-spring tidal cycles within a semidiurnal tidal system. Development of the studied coastal sediments suggests formation of stable platform along the western margin of the late Archaean Chitradurga greenstone belt. © 2014 Elsevier B.V.-
dc.relation.ispartofPrecambrian Research-
dc.subjectNeap-spring cycles-
dc.subjectPrecambrian supracrustals-
dc.subjectSandstone-mudstone heterolith-
dc.subjectTidal sedimentation-
dc.titleLate Archaean tidalites from western margin of Chitradurga greenstone belt, southern India-
dc.affiliationBhattacharya, H.N., Department of Geology, Presidency University, 86/1, College Street, Kolkata, 700073, India-
dc.affiliationBhattacharya, B., Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, 247667, India-
dc.affiliationPal, S., Department of Geology, Durgapur Government College, Durgapur W.B., 713214, India-
dc.affiliationRoy, A., Department of Geology, Presidency University, 86/1, College Street, Kolkata, 700073, India-
dc.description.fundingThe authors are grateful to Department of Science and Technology, Government of India , for financial support (DST Major Research Project No. SR/S4/ES-473/2009). We are grateful to Dr. Daidu Fan, Tongji University and one anonymous reviewer for their constructive reviews.-
dc.description.correspondingauthorBhattacharya, H.N.; Department of Geology, Presidency University, 86/1, College Street, India-
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