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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012β decay of 102Y produced in projectile fission of 238UBruce A.M.; Bacelar A.M.D.; Benzoni G.; Gadea A.; Górska M.; Gottardo A.; Pietri S.; Podolyák Z.; Valiente-Dobón J.J.; Alcántara-Núñez J.A.; Al-Dahan N.; Algora A.; Alkhomashi N.; Allegro P.R.P.; Ayyad Y.; Boutachkov P.; Bowry M.; Bunce M.; Casarejos E.; Cortés M.L.; Deo A.Y.; Domingo-Prado C.; Doncel M.; Eppinger K.; Farinon F.; Farrelly G.F.; Geissel H.; Gerl J.; Goel N.; Grȩbosz J.; Gregor E.; Haberman T.; Hoischen R.; Janik R.; Klupp S.; Kojouharov I.; Kurz N.; Lunardi S.; Mandal S.; Menegazzo R.; Mengoni D.; Naqvi F.; Nicolini R.; Nociforo C.; Pissulla T.; Prochazka A.; Prokopowicz W.; Regan P.H.; Rudolph D.; Sahin E.; Schaffner H.; Sharma A.; Sitar B.; Siwal D.; Steiger K.; Strmen P.; Szarka I.; Walker P.M.; Weick H.; Wollersheim H.-J.
2009Zn1-xMgxO thin films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis techniqueAjay Kaushal; Davinder Kaur
2016Visualization of chorioretinal vasculature in mice in vivo using a combined OCT/SLO imaging systemGoswami M.; Zhang P.; Pugh E.N.; Jr.; Zawadzki R.J.; Ho A.; Manns F.; Soderberg P.G.
2018Utilization of Segmented Cladding Fiber for the Generation of High Energy Femtosecond Pulse TrainsRehan M.; Kumar G.; Rastogi V.; Pal B.P.; Chowdhury D.R.
2008ZnO-MgO thin films by pulsed laser deposition techniqueAjay Kaushal; Preetam Singh; Ashvani Kumar; Davinder Kaur
2002Ultra-large-core single-mode fiber for optical communications: The segmented cladding fiberChiang K.S.; Rastogi V.
2018Tunneling conductance in superconductor-hybrid double quantum dots Josephson junctionChamoli T.; Ajay; Shekhawat M.S.; Bhardwaj S.; Suthar B.
2013Ultra-large-effective-area dispersion-flattened segmented-core optical fiberRastogi B.; Rastogi V.
2018Tunability of temperature dependent THz photonic band gaps in 1-D photonic crystals composed of graded index materials and semiconductor InSbSingh B.K.; Pandey P.C.; Rastogi V.; Shekhawat M.S.; Bhardwaj S.; Suthar B.
2007Triaxially deformed proton emittersArumugam P.; Maglione E.; Ferreira L.S.
2005Uplifting the IwasawaMisra A.
2008Triaxial deformations in the proton emitters 161 Re and 185 BiArumugam P.; Maglione E.; Ferreira L.S.; Julin R.; Demetriou P.; Harissopulos S.V.
2007Towards the fabrication of a UV light source based on CuCl thin filmsMitra A.; Lucas F.O.; O'Reilly L.; McNally P.J.; Daniels S.; Natarajan G.
2009TiN/NiTi thin film Heterostructures for biomedical applicationsAshvani Kumar; Davinder Kaur
2017Toward room temperature operation of dopant atom transistorsTabe M.; Samanta A.; Moraru D.; Jablonski R.; Szewczyk R.
2015Trench-assisted annulus core EDFA for gain equalization of six mode groupsGaur A.; Rastogi V.
2013Topology dependent space filling curves for sensor networks and applicationsBan X.; Goswami M.; Zeng W.; Gu X.; Gao J.
2015Time dependent DFT study of structural and optical properties of bulk CuClAzhikodan D.; Sharma S.; Nautiyal T.; Chitra R.; Sahoo N.K.; Bhattacharyya D.
2016Thickness dependent crossover from strain-to-charge mediated interface coupling in magnetic shape memory alloys (MSMA) based thin film multiferroic heterostructures. 6thKir; eep Singh; Davinder Kaur
2016Thickness modulated structural and Photoluminescence properties of nanocrystallin silicon carbide (nc-SiC) ultra thin films.Narendra Singh; Davinder Kaur
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 359