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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Wheat Bran as Substrate for Enzyme Production & its Application in the Bio-deinking of Mixed Office Waste (MOW) PaperBiswas P.; Bharti A.K.; Dutt D.; Kadam A.; Martin A.; Hubbe; Lucian A.; Lucia
2018Thermally buffered corrugated packaging for preserving the postharvest freshness of mushrooms (Agaricus bispours)Singh Suman; Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.; Myungho Lee; Youn Suk Lee
2018Temperature-sensitive smart packaging for monitoring the shelf life of fresh beef.Singh Suman; Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.; Youn Suk Lee
2019Valorization of paper mill lime sludge via application in building construction materials: A reviewVashistha P.; Kumar V.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Tomar G.; Yadav P.
2011The effect of 2,2-dibromo-3-nitrilopropionamide, 2-(thiocyanomethylthio) benzothioazole and alkali dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride on microorganisms in a paper machine white water system, on machine runnability and paper qualityDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.
2019Treatment of pulp and paper mill effluent by a novel bacterium Bacillus sp. IITRDVM-5 through a sequential batch processSonkar M.; Kumar M.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2020The effect of trans polyisoprene/LDPE based active films on oxidative stability in roasted peanuts.Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.; Singh Suman; Negi Yuvraj Singh; Youn Suk Lee
2016Tuning thermal release kinetics of soy oil from organic nanoparticles using variable synthesis conditionsSamyn P.; Nieuwkerke D.;  Rastogi V.; Stanssens D.
2017Synthesis, characterization and application of CuO-CeO2 nanocatalysts in wet air oxidation of industrial wastewaterAnushree; Kumar S.; Sharma C.
2015Techniques to measure sorption and migration between small molecules and packaging. A critical reviewKadam A.; Karbowiak T.; Voilley A.; Debeaufort D.; Mark Shepherd; Andrew Waterhouse
2019Synthesis of nanosilica from fly ash and its utilization with lime sludge in concrete: an environmentally friendly and sustainable solutionVashistha P.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2017Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of zno–ceo2 nanoparticles in wet oxidation of wastewater containing chlorinated compoundsAnushree; Kumar S.; Sharma C.
2019Temperature controlling system for fresh produce during distribution and transportationSingh Suman; Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.; Youn Suk Lee
2018Temperature regulating material for advanced food packaging- Review.Singh Suman; Gaikwad Kirtiraj K.; Youn Suk Lee
2017Synthesis of polyhydroxybutyrate particles with micro-to-nanosized structures and application as protective coating for packaging papersRastogi V.; Samyn P.
2015Synthesis, characterization and catalytic wet air oxidation property of mesoporous Ce1-xFexO2 mixed oxidesAnushree; Kumar S.; Sharma C.
2007Studies on use of lignocellulosic residues of palma rosa grass after steam distillation for the production of chemical grade pulpDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Upadhyaya A.K.; Garg A.P.
2019Sustainable utilization of paper mill solid wastes via synthesis of nano silica for production of belite based clinkerVashistha P.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2001Studies on use of Cannabis sativa and Ipomea carnea for development of cigarette paperDutt D.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Ray A.K.; Malik R.S.; Tyagi C.H.
2010Study on use of non-magnetic fraction of pulverized coal fly-ash as filler in specialty paper manufacturingSinha A.S.K.; Singh M.; Singh S.P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 284