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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Hygienic and cost efficient technology for the development of tea bag paper from indigenous raw materialsDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Upadhyay J.S.
2003Development of specialty paper is an art: Bleached absorbent kraft from indigenous raw materials - Part-IIIDutt D.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Malik R.S.; Jindal A.K.; Tyagi C.H.
2009Enhancement of optical properties of bagasse pulp by in-situ filler precipitationKumar P.; Gautam S.K.; Kumar V.; Singh S.P.
2007Recycling potential of Saccharum munja pulpGarg M.; Gautam A.K.; Singh S.P.
2007Studies on effect of growth factor on morphological, chemical and pulp and paper making characteristics and its impact on fluff generationDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Malik R.S.
2007Development of specialty papers is an art: Playing cards base paper from Eucalyptus Tereticornis, Leucaena Leaucocephala and Bambusa Aurandacea -Part XVDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Singh S.
2008Detection of chlorophenolic compounds in bleaching effluents of chemical pulpsSharma C.; Mohanty S.; Kumar S.; Rao N.J.
2006Effect of xylanases from Aspergillus niger NKUC3-0.2 mutant strain on prebleaching of wheat straw and mixed hardwood pulpsKapur N.; Dutt D.; Singh R.P.; Tyagi C.H.; Nand V.
2003Development of specialty paper is an art: Absorbent grade paper from indigenous raw materials and new double lined kraft corrugated cuttings (NDLKCC) - Part IIDutt D.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Ray A.K.; Tyagi C.H.; Malik R.S.
2003Development of specialty paper is an art: Barrier paper from indigenous raw materials - Part VIIDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Malik R.S.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Kumar A.