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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Bio-alkaper and peroxide-alkali delignifications of solid waste of Cymbopogon martini with Phanerochaete chrysosporiumDutt D.; Garg A.P.; Tyagi C.H.; Upadhyay A.K.
2005Development of specialty papers is an art: Mulberry paper from indigenous raw materials - Part XIIDutt D.; Ray A.K.; Tyagi C.H.; Kumar V.
2005Comparison of ECF bleaching sequences of bagasse pulpRay A.K.; Kumar V.; Dutt D.; Mittal K.C.; Upadhyaya J.S.
1998Studies on use of oxidised white liquor in kraft pulping for prevention of digester corrosion and improvement in pulp qualityDutt D.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Akhtar R.S.; Rao S.N.
1994Studies on alkoxygen and alkoxygen-anthraquinone delignification of Ipomea carneaDutt D.; Upadhyaya J.S.
2011Bio-conventional bleaching of kraft-AQ pulp of A. cadamba by crude xylanases from Coprinellus disseminatus MLK-03 and effect of residual enzyme on effluent loadLal M.; Dutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Kaur H.; Kumar A.
2006Studies on development of kraft paper form wheat straw, sugarcane bagasse, gunny bags and imported ONP, OCC and NDLKCC waste paperDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Upadhyay J.S.; Upadhyay A.K.
2007Hygienic and cost efficient technology for the development of tea bag paper from indigenous raw materialsDutt D.; Tyagi C.H.; Upadhyay J.S.
2003Development of specialty paper is an art: Bleached absorbent kraft from indigenous raw materials - Part-IIIDutt D.; Upadhyaya J.S.; Malik R.S.; Jindal A.K.; Tyagi C.H.
1989Studies on alkaline sulphite pulping of Sesbania sesbanUpadhyaya J.S.; Gupta G.; Dutt D.