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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Green technology for the removal of Chloro-organics from pulp and paper mill wastewaterChoudhary A.K.; Kumar S.; Sharma C.; Kumar V.
2019Low temperature calcination of lime sludge to develop sustainable cementitious binderVashistha P.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2019Sustainable utilization of paper mill solid wastes via synthesis of nano silica for production of belite based clinkerVashistha P.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2019Synthesis of nanosilica from fly ash and its utilization with lime sludge in concrete: an environmentally friendly and sustainable solutionVashistha P.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2005Development of specialty papers is an art: Mulberry paper from indigenous raw materials - Part XIIDutt D.; Ray A.K.; Tyagi C.H.; Kumar V.
2005Comparison of ECF bleaching sequences of bagasse pulpRay A.K.; Kumar V.; Dutt D.; Mittal K.C.; Upadhyaya J.S.
2009Enhancement of optical properties of bagasse pulp by in-situ filler precipitationKumar P.; Gautam S.K.; Kumar V.; Singh S.P.
2019An assessment of trace element contamination in groundwater aquifers of Saharanpur, Western Uttar Pradesh, IndiaKumar A.; Bharti; Malyan S.K.; Kumar S.S.; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2019Groundwater quality assessment in river Hindon catchment of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, IndiaKumar A.; Bharti; Dutt D.; Kumar V.
2019Valorization of paper mill lime sludge via application in building construction materials: A reviewVashistha P.; Kumar V.; Singh S.K.; Dutt D.; Tomar G.; Yadav P.