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dc.contributor.authorMerugu S.-
dc.contributor.authorJain, Kamal-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing(2015), 43(2): 259-268-
dc.description.abstractSuper resolution mapping is a continuously growing area of remote sensing. Satellite images coupled with a very high spectral resolution, and are suitable for detection and classification of surfaces and different elements in the observed image. The main problem with high resolution data for these applications is the (relatively) low spatial resolution, which can vary from a few to tens of meters. In the case of classification purposes, the major problem caused by low spatial resolution is related to subpixels, i.e., pixels in the image where more than one land cover class is within the same pixel. In such a case, the pixel cannot be considered as belonging to just one class, and the assignment of the pixel to a single class will inevitably lead to a loss of information, no matter what class is chosen. A new super resolution mapping (SRM) algorithm by combining pixel and subpixel-level spatial dependences with colorimetry is proposed in this paper. The pixel-level dependence is measured by the spatial attraction model with either surrounding or quadrant neighborhood, while the subpixel-level dependence is characterized by either the mean filter or the exponential weighting function. Both pixel-level and subpixel-level dependences are then fused as the weighted dependence for quickly obtaining the optimal spatial distribution of subpixels by employing the colorimetric algorithm. Synthetic imagery and a QuickBird image are tested for validation of the proposed method. The results demonstrate that the proposed method can achieve results with greater accuracy than two traditional subpixel mapping (SPM) methods and the mixed spatial attraction model method. Meanwhile, the proposed method needs considerably less computation time than the conventional mixed spatial attraction model method, and hence it provides a new solution to subpixel land cover mapping. © 2014, Indian Society of Remote Sensing.-
dc.publisherSpringer India-
dc.relation.ispartofJournal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing-
dc.subjectSpatial dependences and satellite imagery-
dc.subjectSubpixel classification-
dc.subjectSuper resolution mapping-
dc.titleA New Super Resolution Mapping Algorithm by Combining Pixel and Subpixel-Level Spatial Dependences With Colorimetry-
dc.affiliationMerugu, S., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India-
dc.affiliationJain, K., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India-
dc.description.correspondingauthorMerugu, S.; Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeIndia-
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