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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Flow behaviour of TiHy 600 alloy under hot deformation using gleeble 3800Kodli B.K.; Karre R.; Saxena K.K.; Pancholi V.; Dey S.R.; Bhattacharjee A.
2007Microstructural characterization using orientation imaging microscopy of cellular Si/SiC ceramics synthesized by replication of Indian dicotyledonous plantsPancholi V.; Mallick D.; AppaRao Ch.; Samajdar I.; Chakrabarti O.P.; Maiti H.S.; Majumdar R.
2018Effect of layered microstructure on the superplasticity of friction stir processed AZ91 magnesium alloyRaja A.; Biswas P.; Pancholi V.
2018Material flow visualization and determination of strain rate during friction stir weldingKumar R.; Pancholi V.; Bharti R.P.
2018Hot deformation behavior of Zr-1Nb alloy in two-phase region –microstructure and mechanical propertiesSaxena K.K.; Suresh K.S.; Kulkarni R.V.; Mani Krishna K.V.; Pancholi V.; Srivastava D.
2009Ultrafine-grained steel fabricated using warm multiaxial forging: Microstructure and mechanical propertiesPadap A.K.; Chaudhari G.P.; Nath S.K.; Pancholi V.
2014Influence of cell wall microstructure on the energy absorption capability of aluminium foamJeenager V.K.; Pancholi V.; Daniel B.S.S.
2017Role of activation energies of individual phases in two-phase range on constitutive equation of Zr–2.5Nb–0.5Cu alloySaxena K.K.; Jha S.K.; Pancholi V.; Chaudhari G.P.; Srivastava D.; Dey G.K.; Saibaba N.
2017A novel approach to understand the deformation behavior in two phase region using processing mapSaxena K.K.; Pancholi V.; Jha S.K.; Chaudhari G.P.; Srivastava D.; Dey G.K.
2019Materials performance and characterizationSonkar S.; Pancholi V.; Murty S.V.S.N.