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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Workability and mechanical properties of ultrasonically cast Al-Al 2O 3 nanocompositesMula S.; Pabi S.K.; Koch C.C.; Padhi P.; Ghosh S.
2015Thermomechanical processing of low carbon Nb-Ti stabilized microalloyed steel: Microstructure and mechanical propertiesGhosh S.; Mula S.
2020Influence of cryocooling on friction stir processing of Al-5083 alloyGodasu A. K.; Kumar  A.; Mula S.
2015Enhancement of mechanical properties of low stacking fault energy brass processed by cryorolling followed by short-annealingKumar R.; Dasharath S.M.; Kang P.C.; Koch C.C.; Mula S.
2020Flow stress characteristics and design of innovative 3-steps multiphase control thermomechanical processing to produce ultrafine grained bulk steels. Ghosh S.; Kömi Jukka; Mula S.
2016Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of low SFE Cu-Al alloys processed by cryorolling followed by short-annealingDasharath S.M.; Mula S.
2016Simultaneous improvement of strength, ductility and corrosion resistance of Al2024 alloy processed by cryoforging followed by ageingKumar Singh A.; Ghosh S.; Mula S.
2011Oxidation protection of carbon fibers by a reaction sintered nanostructured SiC coatingKang P.C.; Chen G.Q.; Zhang B.; Wu G.H.; Mula S.; Koch C.C.
2009On structure and mechanical properties of ultrasonically cast Al-2% Al2O3 nanocompositeMula S.; Padhi P.; Panigrahi S.C.; Pabi S.K.; Ghosh S.
2014Effect of microwave sintering over vacuum and conventional sintering of Cu based nanocompositesMula S.; Panigrahi J.; Kang P.C.; Koch C.C.