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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Influence of geometrical variables on initiation fracture toughness ( JIC) of low carbon high manganese SA 333 Gr. 6 steelBansal S.; Nath S.K.; Ghosh P.K.; Ray S.
2010Microstructure, mechanical properties, and in vitro biocompatibility of spark plasma sintered hydroxyapatite-aluminum oxide-carbon nanotube compositeKalmodia S.; Goenka S.; Laha T.; Lahiri D.; Basu B.; Balani K.
2009Effect of carbon nanotube and aluminum oxide addition on plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coating's mechanical properties and biocompatibilityTercero J.E.; Namin S.; Lahiri D.; Balani K.; Tsoukias N.; Agarwal A.
2009Stretched zone width and blunting line equation for determination of initiation fracture toughness in low carbon highly ductile steelsBansal S.; Nath S.K.; Ghosh P.K.; Ray S.
2010Relationship of the R-curve with the microstructure of lumina ceramicsMaiti K.; Sil A.
2011Microstructural relationship with fracture toughness of undoped and rare earths (Y, La) doped Al2O3-ZrO2 ceramic compositesMaiti K.; Sil A.
2012Carbon nanotube reinforced hydroxyapatite composite for orthopedic application: A reviewLahiri D.; Ghosh S.; Agarwal A.
2011Development of input output relationships for self-healing Al 2O3/SiC ceramic composites with Y2O3 additive using design of experimentsMohanty D.; Sil A.; Maiti K.
2010Relationship between fracture toughness characteristics and morphology of sintered Al2O3 ceramicsMaiti K.; Sil A.
2011Preparation of nano and micron sized ZrO2 dispersed Al 2O3 ceramic composites and study their hardness and fracture toughnessesMaiti K.; Sil A.