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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Spark plasma sintered tantalum carbide-carbon nanotube composite: Effect of pressure, carbon nanotube length and dispersion technique on microstructure and mechanical propertiesBakshi S.R.; Musaramthota V.; Virzi D.A.; Keshri A.K.; Lahiri D.; Singh V.; Seal S.; Agarwal A.
2010Carbon nanotube reinforced metal matrix composites - A reviewBakshi S.R.; Lahiri D.; Agarwal A.
2009Effect of carbon nanotube and aluminum oxide addition on plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coating's mechanical properties and biocompatibilityTercero J.E.; Namin S.; Lahiri D.; Balani K.; Tsoukias N.; Agarwal A.
20123-dimensional carbon nanotube for Li-ion battery anodeKang C.; Lahiri I.; Baskaran R.; Kim W.-G.; Sun Y.-K.; Choi W.
2010Nanoscratch behavior of carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum coatingsBakshi S.R.; Lahiri D.; Patel R.R.; Agarwal A.
2012Carbon nanotube reinforced hydroxyapatite composite for orthopedic application: A reviewLahiri D.; Ghosh S.; Agarwal A.
2017Field emission response from multi-walled carbon nanotubes grown on electrochemically engineered copper foilTripathi A.K.; Jain V.; Saini K.; Lahiri I.
2010Field emission response from multiwall carbon nanotubes grown on different metallic substratesLahiri I.; Seelaboyina R.; Choi W.
2008Mixing studies of aluminum and CNT powders in the process of nanocomposite fabricationSong K.; Dabhade V.; Misiolek W.Z.
2012Novel design considerations for high efficiency carbon nanotube field emittersChoi W.; Lahiri I.