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Title: Vertical uplift resistance of two horizontal strip anchors with common vertical axis
Authors: Sahoo J.P.
Kumar J.
Published in: International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
Abstract: With an application of the upper bound finite element limit analysis, the vertical pullout capacity of a group of two horizontal strip plate anchors, with the common vertical axis and placed in a cohesive-frictional soil, has been computed. The variation of the uplift factors Fc, Fq and F?, due to the contributions of soil cohesion, surcharge pressure and unit weight, respectively, has been evaluated for different combinations of S/B and H/B. As compared to single isolated anchor, the group of two anchors generates significantly greater magnitude of Fc for ? ? 20° especially with greater values of H/B and under fully bonded anchor-soil interface condition. The factor Fc attains almost the maximum value when the upper anchor plate is placed midway between ground surface and the lower anchor plate. The factors Fq and F?, on the other hand, for a group of two anchors are found to remain almost equal to that of a single isolated anchor as long as the levels of the lower plate in the group and the single isolated anchor are kept the same. J. Ross Publishing, Inc. © 2012
Citation: International Journal of Geotechnical Engineering(2012), 6(4): 485-495
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Maney Publishing
Keywords: Anchors
Finite elements
Limit analysis
ISSN: 19386362
Author Scopus IDs: 55171499200
Author Affiliations: Sahoo, J.P., Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560012, India
Kumar, J., Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560012, India
Corresponding Author: Kumar, J.; Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of ScienceIndia
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