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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Electric vehicle powertrain multiphysics NVH simulationKumar D.; Sambharam T.; Kottalgi S.; Mandloi P.; Kesarkar O.
2018FEM Simulation Methodology for Accurately Capturing the Experimental Vibration Response of ECM Assembly on a Commercial VehicleChimento J.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.
2018Experimental and numerical investigation of a shower head advanced jet impingement on concave surfacesSingh, Alankrita; S Prasad B.V.S.S.
2018Assessment of suitability for hemodynamic levitated centrifugal pump as left ventricular assist deviceKannojiya V.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K. (Conference); Massarotti N.; Nithiarasu P.; Dutta P.; Ranganayakulu C.
2018Cylinder misfire detection using engine sound quality metrics and random forest classifierSingh, Sneha; Potala S.; Mohanty A.R.
2018Flow visualization of closed loop pulsating heat pipe (CLPHP) charged with olive oil for high temperature applicationsKumar M.; Das, Arup Kumar; Das P.K. (Conference)
2018Effect of topological defects on mechanical properties of graphene sheets: A molecular dynamics studyRajasekaran G.; Parashar, Avinash; Sivaprasad K.; Muthupandi V.
2018Transient Pressure Measurements in the Vaneless Space of a Francis Turbine during Load Acceptances from Minimum LoadGoyal R.; Gandhi, Bhupendra K.; Cervantes M.J.
2018Development of 2024 AA-Yttrium composites by Spark Plasma SinteringVidyasagar C.H.S.; Karunakar, Dagarapu Benny
2018Fatigue life and crack growth behavior of post welded Aluminum 5183 alloyGaur, Vidit; Enoki M.; Okada T.; Yomogida S.; Henaff G.