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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Heat transfer and flow characteristics of a rib with a slitTariq A.; Panigrahi P.K.
2018Effect of chemical treatment on mechanical behavior of banana fiber reinforced polymer compositesKomal U.K.; Verma V.; Aswani T.; Verma N.; Singh I.; Meka S.R.; Chaudhari G.P.
2011Effect of boundary conditions on thermohydraulic behaviour of clay buffer used in nuclear waste repositoryArul Peter A.; Mamidi G.; Murugesan K.; Sharma U.K.; Akanshu Sharma D.; Arora P.
2019Physical properties of third generation multicomponent Ge10-xSe60Te30Inx (x = 0, 2, 4, 6) chalcogenide glassesSingh P.K.; Rao V.; Shukla N.; Dwivedi D.K.; Mohan Reddy K.; Singhal S.; Singh M.
2019A PCB Based chemiresistive carbon dioxide sensor operating at room temperature under different relative humidityBag S.; Pal K.
2014Evaluation of electric vehicle exterior sounds in virtual and real-world environments–a comparative studySingh S.; Payne S.R.; Mackrill J.B.; Jennings P.A.
2004The effect of ball size variation on nonlinear vibrations associated with ball bearingsHarsha S.P.
2013Mechanics of interaction of blast waves on surrogate head: Effect of head orientationGanpule S.; Chandra N.
2009Study of human comfort under thermal and vibratory environment using physiological indicesBhiwapurkar M.K.; Saran V.H.; Goel V.K.; Mansfield N.; Berg M.
2011An experimental investigation on the behaviour of pressure tube under symmetrical and asymmetrical heating conditions in an Indian PHWRYadav A.K.; Kumar R.; Gupta A.; Majumdhar P.; Chatterjee B.; Lele H.G.