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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009RAM analysis of the press unit in a paper plant using Genetic Algorithm and Lambda-Tau methodologyKomal; Sharma S.P.; Kumar D.
2008Application and validation of registration framework for real-time atlas guided biopsyNarayanan R.; Shen D.; Davatzikos C.; Crawford D.E.; Barqawi A.; Werahera P.N.; Kumar D.; Suri J.S.
1994A study of octane number requirement of mopeds, scooters, and motorcyclesKumar D.; Singh I.P.; Malhotra S.K.; Pundir B.P.
2019DCHD-3T: Early Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Diseases in WBAN-Cloud Using Three-Tier Network Architecture—an Efficient SolutionSonal; Reddy S.R.N.; Kumar D.; Tomar A.; Mishra S.; Sood Y.R.
2016Thermo-mechanical buckling analysis of FGM plate using generalized plate theorySharma K.; Kumar D.; Gite A.; Shekhawat M.S.; Bhardwaj S.; Suthar B.
2015A Mathematical Model for Hyperbolic Space-fractional Bioheat Transfer during Thermal TherapyKumar P.; Kumar D.; Rai K.N.; Srinivasacharya D.
2018Electric vehicle powertrain multiphysics NVH simulationKumar D.; Sambharam T.; Kottalgi S.; Mandloi P.; Kesarkar O.
2016Green logistics optimization model for forward and reverse logistics using genetic algorithmKumar M.; Kumar D.
2018FEM Simulation Methodology for Accurately Capturing the Experimental Vibration Response of ECM Assembly on a Commercial VehicleChimento J.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.
2016Structural and electrical transport studies on CrN(001) thin filmsSwamy G.V.; Kumar D.; Rakshit R.K.; Basheed G.A.; Maurya K.K.; Singh M.; Gupta A.; Chitra R.; Bhattacharya S.; Sahoo N.K.