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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An efficient numerical scheme to determine the pull-in parameters of an electrostatic micro-actuator with contact type nonlinearityJoglekar M.M.; Pawaskar D.N.
2010Novel empirical relations for accurately estimating the eigenfrequencies of cantilever beams with linear width variationJoglekar M.M.; Joglekar D.M.
2009Pull-in dynamics of variable-width electrostatic microactuatorsJoglekar M.M.; Pawaskar D.N.
2011Shape optimization of electrostatically actuated micro cantilever beam with extended travel range using simulated annealingTrivedi R.R.; Joglekar M.M.; Shimpi R.P.; Pawaskar D.N.
2010Shape optimization of electrostatically actuated microbeams with extended static and dynamic operating rangesJoglekar M.M.; Pawaskar D.N.
2018DC dynamic pull-in instability of a dielectric elastomer balloon: An energy-based approachSharma A.K.; Arora N.; Joglekar M.M.
2006Fracture mechanics study of cracked pipe bends under internal pressure and bending momentsJoglekar M.M.; Joshi S.G.; Dutta B.K.
2013Shape optimization of electrostatically driven microcantilevers using simulated annealing to enhance static travel rangeTrivedi R.R.; Joglekar M.M.; Shimpi R.P.; Pawaskar D.N.
2019Fabrication of Molybdenum MEMs Structures Using Dry and Wet EtchingChauhan S.S.; Joglekar M.M.; Manhas S.K.; Rajaram S.; Balamurugan N.B.; Gracia Nirmala Rani D.; Singh V.
2018Fabrication of cantilever MEMs structure of C-axis grown AlN film for energy harvester applicationChauhan S.S.; Manhas S.K.; Joglekar M.M.