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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Influence of surface roughness on non-newtonian thermohydrostatic performance of a hole-entry hybrid journal bearingNagaraju T.; Sharma S.C.; Jain S.C.
2010Vibration analysis of an unbalanced rotating shaft due to ball wavinessUpadhyay S.H.; Jain S.C.; Harsha S.P.
2012Effect of counter surface temperature and load on the transition from mild to severe wear behavior of al-si-sicp composites in reciprocating conditionsRajeev V.R.; Dwivedi D.K.; Jain S.C.
2008Performance of two lobe multirecess hybrid journal bearing compensated with capillary restrictorKushare P.; Sharma S.C.; Jain S.C.; Sharana Basavaraja J.
2008A study of orifice compensated multilobe hole-entry hybrid journal bearingNagaraju T.; Sharana Basavaraja J.; Sharma S.C.; Jain S.C.
2004A genetic algorithm based solution to optimum tolerance synthesis of mechanical assemblies with alternate manufacturing processes - Benchmarking with the exhaustive search method using the Lagrange multiplierSingh P.K.; Jain S.C.; Jain P.K.
2008Transient non-Newtonian-thermohydrodynamic analysis of a dynamically loaded journal bearing with 3D surface roughness effectsJagadeesha K.M.; Nagaraju T.; Sharma S.; Jain S.C.
2010Dynamic analysis of ball bearings due to clearance effectUpadhyay S.H.; Jain S.C.; Harsha S.P.
2005Effect of physical properties of solid particle on erosion wear of ductile materialsDesale G.R.; Gandhi B.K.; Jain S.C.
2010Analysis of a worn multirecess hydrostatic journal bearing systemKumar E. V.; Phalle V.M.; Sharma S.C.; Jain S.C.