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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Reliability analysis of complex multi-robotic system using GA and fuzzy methodologySharma S.P.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.
2015Optimization of neural network parameters using Grey-Taguchi methodology for manufacturing process applicationsKumar D.; Gupta A.K.; Chandna P.; Pal M.
2012Behavior prediction of washing system in a paper industry using GA and fuzzy lambda-tau techniqueSharma S.P.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.
2018Efficient optimization of process parameters in 2.5 D end milling using neural network and genetic algorithmKumar D.; Chandna P.; Pal M.
2018Electric vehicle powertrain multiphysics NVH simulationKumar D.; Sambharam T.; Kottalgi S.; Mandloi P.; Kesarkar O.
2017A multiphysics optimization approach to design low noise and light weight electric powertrain noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) prediction of electric powertrain using finite element analysis (FEA) and optimizationKumar D.; Kottalgi S.; Sambharam T.; Mandloi P.
2020Experimental investigations, empirical modeling and multi objective optimization of performance characteristics for ECDD with pressurized feeding methodSingh T.; Rathore R.S.; Dvivedi, Akshay
2019Effect of tool materials on performance of rotary tool micro-USM process during fabrication of microchannelsKumar, Sandeep; Dvivedi, Akshay
2021Enhanced Innovized Progress Operator for Evolutionary Multi-and Many-objective OptimizationMittal S.; Saxena, Dhish KumarK.; Deb K.; Goodman E.D.
2011A study on the blended wax patterns in investment casting processBemblage O.; Karunakar, Dagarapu Benny