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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Nucleate boiling of pure and quasi-azeotropic refrigerants from copper coated surfacesDewangan A.K.; Kumar A.; Kumar R.
2009Effect of twisted tape insert on heat transfer and pressure drop in horizontal evaporators for the flow of R-134aAkhavan-Behabadi M.A.; Kumar R.; Mohammadpour A.; Jamali-Asthiani M.
2018Verified non-linear DPL model with experimental data for analyzing heat transfer in tissue during thermal therapyKumar D.; Singh S.; Sharma N.; Rai K.N.
2009Investigation on heat transfer and pressure drop during swirl flow boiling of R-134a in a horizontal tubeAkhavan-Behabadi M.A.; Kumar R.; Jamali M.
2007Condensation heat transfer of R-134a inside a microfin tube with different tube inclinationsAkhavan-Behabadi M.A.; Kumar R.; Mohseni S.G.
2010Pressure drop and heat transfer augmentation due to coiled wire inserts during laminar flow of oil inside a horizontal tubeAkhavan-Behabadi M.A.; Kumar R.; Salimpour M.R.; Azimi R.
2005Augmentation of forced convection condensation heat transfer inside a horizontal tube using spiral spring insertsAkhavan-Behabadi M.A.; Salimpoor M.R.; Kumar R.; Agrawal K.N.
2018Analytical solution of Fourier and non-Fourier heat transfer in longitudinal fin with internal heat generation and periodic boundary conditionSingh S.; Kumar D.; Rai K.N.
2004Heat transfer augmentation by segmented tape inserts during condensation of R-22 inside a horizontal tubeAgrawal K.N.; Kumar R.; Lal S.N.; Varma H.K.
2005Condensation enhancement of R-22 by twisted-tape inserts inside a horizontal tubeKumar R.; Agarwal K.N.; Lal S.N.; Varma H.K.