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Title: Utilization of reclaimed asphalt pavement aggregates containing waste from Sugarcane Mill for production of concrete mixes
Authors: Singh S.
Ransinchung, Gondaimei D.R.N.
Debbarma S.
Kumar, Praveen Kishore
Published in: Journal of Cleaner Production
Abstract: The present study investigates the potential of waste originating from road sector (RAP) and agricultural industry (Sugarcane Bagasse Ash) for production of concrete mixes. 5 mixes were prepared by partial replacing natural aggregates by coarse RAP (CRAP) and fine RAP (FRAP) in the proportions of 50% and 100%. 3 subsequent mixes were prepared by incorporating 100% RAP aggregates blended with 10% and 15% Bagasse Ash (BGA) as part replacement of cement. It was noted that incorporations of FRAP aggregates decreased the fresh, mechanical and durability properties of concrete significantly compared to CRAP aggregates. Incorporation of 10% BGA was found to enhance the mechanical and durability properties of 100% RAP concrete significantly. Economic analysis of the considered mixes showed that incorporations of RAP aggregates blended with BGA can reduce the total cost of 1 m3 concrete by more than 40% as compared to conventional concrete. From the present study, it is recommended to replace 10% of cement by BGA in RAP concrete as this would not only strengthen the pavement but provides with environmental and economic benefits. ¬© 2017 Elsevier Ltd
Citation: Journal of Cleaner Production(2018), 174(): 42-52
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Keywords: Bagasse Ash
ISSN: 9596526
Author Scopus IDs: 57194233849
Author Affiliations: Singh, S., Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee247667, India
Ransinchung R.N., G.D., Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee247667, India
Debbarma, S., Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee247667, India
Kumar, P., Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Roorkee247667, India
Funding Details: Authors are thankful to M/s N.B.C.C. Ltd., India for funding the ongoing research project (Project No. NBC-931-CED ). Constant help provided by Vidisha Kalpada (Student, BITS-Pillani, India) and Gaurav Agarwal (Student, NIT Durgapur, India) is also acknowledged.
Corresponding Author: Ransinchung R.N., G.D.; Department of Civil Engineering, IIT RoorkeeIndia; email:
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