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Title: A polyaxial strength model for intact sandstone based on Artificial Neural Network
Authors: Rukhaiyar S.
Samadhiya, Narendra Kumar
Published in: International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences
Abstract: A comprehensive database of the polyaxial compressive strength of eight sandstones has been compiled from the literature. An experimental study has also been conducted on local sandstone to add up to the database. A correlation-based analysis has been performed to find out the influence of each independent parameter namely uniaxial compressive strength (UCS, ?ci), minor principal stress (?3), and intermediate principal stress (?2) on the strength of sandstone, i.e., the major principal stress at failure (?1). Additionally, a feed-forward back-propagating neural network (FFBPNN) has been proposed as a new polyaxial strength model to predict the strength of intact sandstone under polyaxial states of stresses. The database on polyaxial strength of 192 experiments on nine different sandstones has been randomly divided into a training set and a testing set. Three input parameters corresponding to the independent parameters (?ci, ?3, ?2) and one output parameter corresponding to the dependent parameter (?1) are considered. The accuracy of the proposed ANN based polyaxial strength model has been compared with five other conventional polyaxial criteria: modified Wiebols and Cook criterion (MWC), Mogi-Coulomb criterion (MC), modified Lade criterion (ML), 3D version of Hoek-Brown criterion (3DHB) and modified Mohr–Coulomb criterion (MMC). It is found that the ANN based failure model gives the best result amongst all the considered polyaxial strength criteria, for the testing dataset. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd
Citation: International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences(2017), 95(): 26-47
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Keywords: Artificial Neural Network
Connection weight analysis
Polyaxial failure criterion
ISSN: 13651609
Author Scopus IDs: 57193712714
Author Affiliations: Rukhaiyar, S., Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand 247667, India
Samadhiya, N.K., Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology – Roorkee, Roorkee, Uttarakhand 247667, India
Corresponding Author: Rukhaiyar, S.
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