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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A novel numerical method of Q(h4) for three-dimensional non-linear triharmonic equationsMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Mishra B.N.
1996On the use of high order difference methods for the system of one space second order nonlinear hyperbolic equations with variable coefficientsMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; George K.
2016High accuracy variable mesh method for nonlinear two-point boundary value problems in divergence formJain, Manoj Kumar; Sharma S.; Mohanty R.K.
2011A cubic spline approximation and application of TAGE iterative method for the solution of two point boundary value problems with forcing function in integral formMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Dhall D.
2009High-accuracy cubic spline alternating group explicit methods for 1D quasi-linear parabolic equationsMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar
1991The numerical solution of the two-dimensional unsteady navier-stokes equations using fourth-order difference methodJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Mohanty R.K.
1990A fourth order difference method for the one‐dimensional general quasilinear parabolic partial differential equationJain, Manoj Kumar; Jain R.K.; Mohanty R.K.
2001Single cell discretization of O(kh2 + h4) for the estimates of ∂u/∂n for two-space dimensional quasi-linear parabolic equationMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Kumar D.
2003Single-cell discretization of O(kh2 + h4) for ∂u/∂n for three-space dimensional mildly quasi-linear parabolic equationMohanty R.K.; Kumar D.; Jain, Manoj Kumar
1996Finite difference methods of order two and four for 2-D non-linear biharmonic problems of first kindMohanty R.K.; Jain, Manoj Kumar; Pandey P.K.