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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Estimation of root water uptake and soil hydraulic parameters from root zone soil moisture and deep percolationSonkar I.; Kotnoor H.P.; Sen S.
2018Evaluation of spring discharge dynamics using recession curve analysis: a case study in data-scarce region, Lesser Himalayas, IndiaKumar V.; Sen S.
2011Simulating hydrologic response of a pasture hillslope in North Alabama using the Hortonian Infiltration and Runoff/On modelSen S.; Srivastava P.; Clement T.P.; Dane J.H.; Meng H.
2019Comparison and evaluation of gridded precipitation datasets for streamflow simulation in data scarce watersheds of EthiopiaMusie M.; Sen S.; Srivastava P.
2019An automated multi-model evapotranspiration mapping framework using remotely sensed and reanalysis dataBhattarai N.; Mallick K.; Stuart J.; Vishwakarma B.D.; Niraula R.; Sen S.; Jain M.
2008Runoff generation mechanisms in pastures of the Sand Mountain region of Alabama - A field investigationSen S.; Srivastava P.; Yoo K.H.; Dane J.H.; Shaw J.N.; Kang M.S.
2013Nutrient loss in leachate and surface runoff from surface-broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litterLamba J.; Srivastava P.; Way T.R.; Sen S.; Wood C.W.; Yoo K.H.
2012Surface transport of nutrients from surface-broadcast and subsurface-banded broiler litterLamba J.; Way T.R.; Srivastava P.; Sen S.; Wood C.W.; Yoo K.H.
2016Economic evaluation of the proposed alternatives of inter-basin water transfer from the Baro Akobo to Awash basin in EthiopiaAdeba D.; Kansal M.L.; Sen S.
2020Hydrologic responses to climate variability and human activities in Lake Ziway Basin, EthiopiaMusie M.; Sen S.; Chaubey I.