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Title: Strain induced ferromagnetism in Sbco-doped ZnMnO samples
Authors: Sharma V.K.
Varma, Ghanshyam Das
Published in: Journal of Physics Condensed Matter
Abstract: We report on the effect of Sb co-doping on the structural and magnetic properties of bulk ZnMnO samples. Samples with nominal compositions Zn 0.98-yMn0.02SbyO (y = 0, 0.01 and 0.03) were synthesized using a solid state reaction route at 800 °C. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results reveal wurtzite structure of pure ZnO without any impurity phases for compositions y = 0.0 and 0.01. On the other hand, a weak diffraction peak corresponding to the impurity phase Zn/MnSb2O6 was detected in the XRD pattern of composition y = 0.03. Energy dispersive x-ray (EDAX) results confirm the presence of all elements in the samples in the stoichiometric ratio. The M-H curve of the pure ZnMnO sample shows paramagnetic behavior, whereas M-H curves of Sb co-doped samples show room temperature ferromagnetism (RTFM) with saturated loops. Saturation magnetization (M S) and coercive field (HC) both increase with the increase in Sb doping percentage. Inverse susceptibility (1/χ) versus temperature (T) curves suggests dominant antiferromagnetic interactions in the samples which decrease with the co-doping of Sb. Based on the experimental results we conclude that the observed RTFM in Sb co-doped ZnMnO is due to defects induced by strain. © 2009 IOP Publishing Ltd.
Citation: Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 21(29)
Issue Date: 2009
Keywords: Antiferro-magnetic interactions
Coercive field
Defects induced
Diffraction peaks
Energy dispersive x-ray
Impurity phase
Impurity phasis
Inverse susceptibility
Nominal composition
Paramagnetic behavior
Pure ZnO
Room temperature ferromagnetism
Saturated loops
Sb doping
Solid state reaction route
Stoichiometric ratio
Structural and magnetic properties
Wurtzite structure
XRD patterns
Chemical analysis
Magnetic properties
Manganese compounds
Saturation magnetization
Solid state reactions
X ray diffraction
X ray diffraction analysis
Zinc oxide
Zinc sulfide
Doping (additives)
ISSN: 9538984
Author Scopus IDs: 55330104400
Author Affiliations: Sharma, V.K., Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee-247 667, India
Varma, G.D., Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee-247 667, India
Funding Details: 
Corresponding Author: Sharma, V. K.; Department of Physics, , Roorkee-247 667, India
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