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Title: Evaluation of urban transport-environment sustainable indicators during Odd–Even scheme in India
Authors: Kumar R.
Mishra R.K.
Chandra, Satish
Hussain A.
Published in: Environment, Development and Sustainability
Abstract: Identification of the most relevant parameters of a sustainable transportation system is regarded as a significant choice that influences the success of policy-related intervention to improve efficiency. A hybrid-based approach has been used to analyze the data in multiple steps to improve accuracy and objectivity. In the first step, evidence on social, economic, and environmental indicators was formed for each opinion and then combined. The second step proposed a mathematical framework to treat indecision on the indicators collected from multiple sources, viz. expert and public opinion survey, models, and actual measurement during pre- and post-implementation stages of the Odd–Even scheme. By setting up, a reliability function and consistency index are used to evaluate and rank the Odd–Even transportation scheme introduced by the Government of Delhi. A case study in South Delhi's surrounding areas has been examined to demonstrate the proposed hybrid approach and evaluate the parameters in terms of the index. The result shows that the indicators like trip cost, trip time, safety and security, user’s satisfaction, congestion level, parking demand, and fuel consumption affected positively by 1766.6, 22.9, 283.3, 19.1, 187.5, 200, and 17.2 percent, respectively, after the implementation of the scheme. The overall increase in the index was found as 28.2%, which favors the “Odd–Even” scheme as a sustainable transportation measure in Delhi. © 2021, The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature B.V.
Citation: Environment, Development and Sustainability, 23(12): 17240-17262
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer Science and Business Media B.V.
Keywords: Analytical hierarchy process
D–S theory
Odd–Even scheme
Sustainability index
ISSN: 1387585X
Author Scopus IDs: 55492154100
Author Affiliations: Kumar, R., Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi, 110025, India
Mishra, R.K., Department of Environmental Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, 110042, India
Chandra, S., Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi, 110025, India
Hussain, A., Department of Environmental Engineering, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, 110042, India
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Corresponding Author: Mishra, R.K.; Department of Environmental Engineering, India; email:
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