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Title: Molybdenum complexes with a μ-O{MoO2}2 core: their synthesis, crystal structure and application as catalysts for the oxidation of bicyclic alcohols using N-based additives
Authors: Maurya, Mannar Ram
Rana L.
Avecilla F.
Published in: New Journal of Chemistry
Abstract: Three binuclear μ-oxidobis{dioxidomolybdenum(vi)} complexes, [(μ-O){MoVIO2(MeOH)}2(L1)] 1, [(μ-O){MoVIO2(MeOH)}2(L2)] 2, and [(μ-O){MoVIO2(MeOH)}2(L3)] 3 with potential dibasic tetradentate azine ligands [H2L1 = azine of salicylaldehyde, H2L2 = azine of 3-methoxysalicyaldehyde and H2L3 = azine of 3,5-ditertiarybutylsalicylaldehyde] are reported. The complexes are characterized via elemental analysis, various spectroscopic techniques (FT-IR, UV-Vis, 1H and13C NMR), thermogravimetric analysis and single-crystal X-ray diffraction (2 and 3) studies. These complexes are binuclear having a μ-O{MoO2}2 core where ligands coordinate through a set of phenolic oxygen and azine nitrogen to each molybdenum, thus behaving as bis(bidentate). These complexes are investigated as catalysts for the oxidation of two bicyclic alcohols (fenchyl alcohol and isoborneol) using 30% H2O2 as the oxidant in the presence of NEt3 as the additive. The conversion of bicyclic alcohols within the additives follows the order: NEt3 > py > NH3 > K2CO3 > KOH. In the presence of an N-based additive, fenchyl alcohol and isoborneol selectively give high yields of fenchone and camphor, respectively, while in the absence of the additive the conversion is relatively low. © The Royal Society of Chemistry and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.
Citation: New Journal of Chemistry, 41(2): 724-734
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Keywords: alcohol derivative
molybdenum complex
carbon nuclear magnetic resonance
complex formation
crystal structure
elemental analysis
hydrogen bond
priority journal
proton nuclear magnetic resonance
reaction time
solid state
X ray diffraction
ISSN: 11440546
Author Scopus IDs: 7005255411
Author Affiliations: Maurya, M.R., Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, 247667, India
Rana, L., Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, 247667, India
Avecilla, F., Departamento de Química Fundamental, Universidade da Coruña, Campus de A Zapateira, Coruña, 15071 A, Spain
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Corresponding Author: Maurya, M.R.; Department of Chemistry, India; email:
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