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Title: Synthesis of CuO-ZnO/rGO ternary composites for superior NO2 gas sensor at room temperature
Authors: Jyoti
Varma, Ghanshyam Das
Published in: Materials Research Express
Abstract: In the present work, CuO 1D nanochains and ZnO nanoseeds have been synthesized via wet chemical and refluxing methods, respectively, to synthesis ternary composites of CuO-ZnO/rGO (reduced graphene oxide). To study the compositional influence of CuO and ZnO on the gas sensing response of NO2, films of ternary composites with different compositions of CuO and ZnO have been synthesized on glass substrates via drop casting method. We have observed variation in percentage response with composition of CuO and ZnO in the ternary composite films and the best percentage response has been observed at room temperature for all compositions. In the present work, at room temperature CuO-ZnO/rGO (CuO:ZnO = 1:1) ternary composite sensor shows superior gas sensing performance. The observed percentage response for 40 ppm NO2 for this sensor is ∼62.9 at room temperature which is almost 3.1 and 1.3 times higher compared to CuO/rGO and ZnO/rGO sensors, respectively. Moreover, this sensor shows best gas sensing response at intermediate humidity level, good stability for a test period of 5 weeks and also good selectivity for NO2 gas. Thus CuO-ZnO/rGO ternary composite may be used as an efficient NO2 gas sensor. The likely sensing mechanisms of the ternary composite sensors have also been proposed in this paper. © 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd.
Citation: Materials Research Express, 6(3)
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Keywords: CuO nanochain
gas sensor
reduced graphene oxide
ternary composite
ZnO nanoseed
ISSN: 20531591
Author Scopus IDs: 57214348043
Author Affiliations: Jyoti, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, 247667, India
Varma, G.D., Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, 247667, India
Funding Details: The author Jyoti is thankful to MHRD, India for providing fellowship. Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD
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