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Title: Pineapple Leaf Fiber Polymer Composites as a Promising Tool for Sustainable, Eco-friendly Composite Material: Review
Authors: Jain J.
Sinha, Shishir N.
Published in: Journal of Natural Fibers
Abstract: Ever increasing demand of petroleum products leads to depletion of resources. In order to substitute, biodegradable, perishable and abundantly available natural products are in trend. Because of high cellulosic content, pineapple leaf fibers exhibit excellent mechanical properties hence are used in automobile industries and building construction purposes. In this review article, the detailed study of pineapple leaf fibers was done in order to demonstrate the possible applications of their developed composites with various different matrix types. The property analysis of pineapple leaf fibers were studied for their mechanical and thermal strength apart from other chemical, physical and morphological properties. The cultivation and origin of pineapple leaf fibers have also been summarized in brief so as to understand its economical value and sustainability. It is aimed to have all research previously done related to the properties, extraction, hybridization, processing techniques of pineapple leaf fibers at one place in summarized form for its better application as a sustainable, eco-friendly and potential composite material. © 2021 Taylor & Francis.
Citation: Journal of Natural Fibers
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Ltd.
Keywords: hybridization
Pineapple leaf fibers
surface treatment
ISSN: 15440478
Author Scopus IDs: 36771115600
Author Affiliations: Jain, J., Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India
Sinha, S., Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India
Funding Details: The authors acknowledge the help and financial support from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and Ministry of Human Resources Department, Government of India. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IITR
Corresponding Author: Sinha, S.; Department of Chemical Engineering, India; email:
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