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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Reliability analysis of complex multi-robotic system using GA and fuzzy methodologySharma S.P.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.
2012Behavior prediction of washing system in a paper industry using GA and fuzzy lambda-tau techniqueSharma S.P.; Kumar D.; Kumar A.
2019Optimization of hydropower plants regarding hydro-abrasive erosionRai A.K.; Kumar A.; Staubli T.
2021Design of digital IIR filter: A research surveyAgrawal N.; Kumar A.; Bajaj V.; Singh, Girish Kumar
2021Mechanistic insight into heterogeneous Fenton-like catalysis with M-Al2O3/SiO2(M = Fe, Co and Ni) for acrylonitrile mineralization from real ABS resin wastewater: Optimization and toxicity assessmentKumar A.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Sandhwar V.K.; Garg K.K.
2021Enhanced catalytic activity of series LaCuxFe1-xO3 (x = 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8) perovskite-like catalyst for the treatment of highly toxic ABS resin wastewater: Phytotoxicity study, parameter optimization and reaction pathwaysKumar A.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra; Garg K.K.
2019Catalytic peroxidation of acrylonitrile aqueous solution by Ni-doped CeO2 catalysts: characterization, kinetics and thermodynamicsKumar A.; Prasad, Basheshwar Rajendra
2009Method to solve linear programming problems using vague setsKumar A.; Devi K.; Yadav, Shiv Prasad
2014Moist deciduous forest identification using MODIS temporal indices dataUpadhyay P.; Ghosh, Sanjay Kumar; Kumar A.; Krishna Murthy Y.V.N.; Raju P.L.N.
2011Design of triode-type magnetron injection gun for 460 GHz, 50-100 W, gyrotron for medical spectroscopyJain C.A.; Verma A.; Kumar A.; Krishna P.V.; Kartikeyan, Machavaram Venkata; Illy S.; Borie E.; Thumm M.