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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Fixed-bed study for adsorptive removal of furfural by activated carbonSingh S.; Srivastava V.C.; Mall I.D.
2002Solid, solution, and antitumor activity studies of mixed-ligand complexes with adenine-5-bromouracil base pairSingh R.; Tyagi S.; Singh S.; Singh S.M.; Singh U.P.
2009Modification in the expression of mre11/rad50/nbs1 complex in low dose irradiated human lymphocytesSingh S.; Bala M.; Kumar R.; Kumar A.; Dhiman S.C.
2000Solution studies on trace metal ion interactions with adenine as primary ligand and 5-halouracils as secondary ligandsSingh S.; Singh R.; Babbar P.; Singh U.P.
2009Two-dimensional mixing of pollutants in streams with transvere line sourceSingh S.; Ahmad Z.; Kothyari U.C.
2003Himalayan granitoidsSingh S.; Jain A.K.
2008Tectonics of the southern Asian Plate margin along the Karakoram Shear Zone: Constraints from field observations and U-Pb SHRIMP agesJain A.K.; Singh S.
20062.0 Ga granite of the lower package of the Higher Himalayan Crystallines, Maglad Khad, Sutlej valley, Himachal PradeshSingh S.; Claesson S.; Jain A.K.; Gee D.G.; Andreasson P.G.; Manickavagasam R.M.
2009SHRIMP U-Pb c. 1860 Ma anorogenic magmatic signatures from the NW Himalaya: Implications for palaeoproterozoic assembly of the Columbia supercontinentSingh S.; Jain A.K.; Barley M.E.
2005The onset of India-Asia continental collision: Early, steep subduction required by the timing of UHP metamorphism in the western HimalayaLeech M.L.; Singh S.; Jain A.K.; Klemperer S.L.; Manickavasagam R.M.