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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Green synthesis of nanometal impregnated biomass – antiviral potentialChoudhary S.; Kumar R.; Dalal U.; Tomar S.; Reddy S.N.
2019Genome-wide identification and expression analysis of Hsp70, Hsp90, and Hsp100 heat shock protein genes in barley under stress conditions and reproductive developmentChaudhary R.; Baranwal V.K.; Kumar R.; Sircar D.; Chauhan H.
2019Updated inventory, evolutionary and expression analyses of G (PDR) type ABC transporter genes of riceGupta B.B.; Selter L.L.; Baranwal V.K.; Arora D.; Mishra S.K.; Sirohi P.; Poonia A.K.; Chaudhary R.; Kumar R.; Krattinger S.G.; Chauhan H.
2020Genome-wide identification, phylogeny and expression analysis of HSF gene family in barley during abiotic stress response and reproductive developmentMishra S.K.; Poonia A.K.; Chaudhary R.; Baranwal V.K.; Arora D.; Kumar R.; Chauhan H.
2020Alphavirus capsid protease inhibitors as potential antiviral agents for Chikungunya infectionFatma B.; Kumar R.; Singh V.A.; Nehul S.; Sharma R.; Kesari P.; Kuhn R.J.; Tomar S.
2011In vivo evalution of hypoglycemic activity of Aloe spp. and identification of its mode of Action on GLUT-4 gene expression in vitroKumar R.; Sharma B.; Tomar N.R.; Roy P.; Gupta A.K.; Kumar A.
2017Organometallic Ruthenium Nitrosyl Obtained by C–H Bond Activation – Photoinduced Delivery of Nitric Oxide and NO-Mediated Antiproliferation Activity StudiesKumar R.; Yadav A.; Ratnam A.; Kumar S.; Bala M.; Sur D.; Narang S.; Singh U.P.; Mandal P.K.; Ghosh K.
2020Green synthesis of nanometal impregnated biomass–antiviral potential.Choudhary S.; Kumar R.; Dalal U.; Tomar S.; Reddy S. N.
2017Investigation of thermal equilibrium in a compartment involving crib fireDhurandher B.K.; Kumar R.; Dhiman A.K.; Gupta A.
2018Alleviation of Foam Formation in a Surfactant Driven Gas Hydrate System: Insights via a Detailed Morphological StudyPandey G.; Bhattacharjee G.; Veluswamy H.P.; Kumar R.; Sangwai J.S.; Linga P.