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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Artificial intelligence based modeling and optimization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) production process by using Azohydromonas lata MTCC 2311 from cane molasses supplemented with volatile fatty acids: A genetic algorithm paradigmZafar M.; Kumar S.; Kumar S.; Dhiman A.K.
2012Modeling and optimization of poly(3hydroxybutyrateco-3hydroxyvalerate) production from cane molasses by Azohydromonas lata MTCC 2311 in a stirred-tank reactor: Effect of agitation and aeration regimesKumar S.; Zafar M.; Kumar S.; Dhiman A.K.
2018Modelling and simulation of desalination process using artificianeural network: A reviewMahadeva R.; Manik G.; Verma O.P.; Sinha S.
2019Ultrasound assisted synthesis of water-in-oil nanoemulsions: Parametric optimization using hybrid ANN-GA approachKumar H.; Kumar V.
2012Modeling of the Removal of Arsenic Species from Simulated Groundwater Containing As, Fe, and Mn: A Neural Network Based ApproachMondal P.; Mohanty B.; Balomajumder C.; Saraswati S.
2016An adaptive modeling of petroleum emulsion formation and stability by a heuristic multiobjective artificial neural network-genetic algorithmKundu P.; Paul V.; Kumar V.; Mishra I.M.
2018Utilisation of a waste biomass, walnut shells, to produce bio-products via pyrolysis: investigation using ISO-conversional and neural network methodsRasool T.; Srivastava V.C.; Khan M.N.S.
2012Downscaling of surface temperature for lake catchment in an arid region in India using linear multiple regression and neural networksGoyal M.K.; Ojha C.S.P.
2014An apt material model for drying shrinkage and specific creep of HPC using artificial neural networkGedam B.A.; Bhandari N.M.; Upadhyay A.
2016Modeling and prediction of hourly ambient ozone (O3) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) concentrations using artificial neural network and decision tree algorithms for an urban intersection in IndiaSekar C.; Ojha C.S.P.; Gurjar B.R.; Goyal M.K.