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Title: Caprylic acid based PCM composite with potential for thermal buffering and packaging applications
Authors: Vennapusa J.R.
Konala A.
Dixit P.
Chattopadhyay, Sujay
Published in: Materials Chemistry and Physics
Abstract: Form stable phase change material (FSPCM) composites were prepared using caprylic acid (15.64 °C; 140 kJ kg ) and lightweight support materials e.g. bentonite clay, natural clay, diatomaceous earth, expanded perlite, activated charcoal and silica gel following direct impregnation method. Phase change thermal properties of each composite were obtained from DSC measurements, while thermal stabilities were understood from TGA measurements. Elemental composition of each support matrix was evaluated from EDAX while morphology and PCM-support interactions in composites were obtained from FESEM and FTIR respectively. PCM could be successfully loaded in support matrix which also minimized the inherent supercooling behavior of PCM. DSC analysis of PCM-EP composite showed highest enthalpy content of 81.0 kJ kg , which was estimated to be 58.6% loading of PCM. Although, PCM-SG exhibited rapid charging and discharging phenomena, but its lower enthalpy content made it inferior to PCM-EP. 200 g of PCM-EP composite placed inside a TCP box exhibited thermal buffering of 349 min by maintaining temperature of 360 g chocolate below 25 °C. Therefore, PCM-EP composite with high energy storage capacity shows potential to be used in food packaging and thermal buffering applications.
Citation: Materials Chemistry and Physics(2020), 253
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Keywords: Composite
Thermal energy
Food storage
Saturated fatty acids
Silica gel
Diatomaceous earth
Elemental compositions
Energy storage capacity
Form stable phase change material
Impregnation methods
Maintaining temperatures
Packaging applications
ISSN: 2540584
Author Scopus IDs: 57202683522
Author Affiliations: Vennapusa, J.R., Polymer and Process Engineering, IIT Roorkee Saharanpur Campus, Saharanpur, 247001, India
Konala, A., Polymer and Process Engineering, IIT Roorkee Saharanpur Campus, Saharanpur, 247001, India
Dixit, P., Polymer and Process Engineering,
Funding Details: .Ministry of Human Resource Development, MHRD Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IITR 2017–18.Financial support to execute the experimental work is gratefully acknowledged to MHRD (Ministry of Human Resources Development, India) Plan grant ( 2017–18 ) and IIT Roorkee (No. IITR/SRIC/244/FIG-Sch-A ), India.
Corresponding Author: Chattopadhyay, S.; Polymer and Process Engineering, India; email:
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