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Title: Subcritical and supercritical water in-situ gasification of metal (Ni/Ru/Fe) impregnated banana pseudo-stem for hydrogen rich fuel gas mixture
Authors: Kumar A.
Reddy S.N.
Published in: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Abstract: Integration of metals into the biomass matrix has been found to be an alternate strategy to the conventional catalysts that are prone to deactivation. Different metals like Ni (0.98 mol/kg), Ru (0.76 mol/kg) and Fe (0.83 mol/kg) are separately impregnated into banana pseudo-stem to analyse their impact on H yields. In-situ gasification of metal impregnated biomass was conducted over sub/- and supercritical water range of 300–600 °C, with 1:10 biomass-to-water ratio for 60 min. X-ray diffraction and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of char generated at 300 and 600 °C confirm the transition of nanometals from M to M during in-situ gasification. The reduction of metal oxides to nanometals enhanced the gas yields by providing more active sites. Maximum H yields of 11.1, 8.83 and 8.04 mmol/g was achieved for metal (Ni/Ru/Fe) impregnated banana pseudo-stem with the carbon gasification efficiency approaching 73.64, 64.21 and 62.65% respectively at 600 °C. 2 2 (n+) (0)
Citation: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy(2020), 45(36): 18348-18362
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier Ltd
Keywords: Banana pseudo-stem
Carbon gasification efficiency
In-situ gasification
Metal impregnated
Sub/- and supercritical water
ISSN: 3603199
Author Scopus IDs: 57214420003
Author Affiliations: Kumar, A., Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeUttarakhand 247667, India
Reddy, S.N., Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeUttarakhand 247667, India
Corresponding Author: Reddy, S.N.; Department of Chemical Engineering, India; email:
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