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Title: A state-of-the-art review of biogeography-based optimization
Authors: Garg V.
Deep, K.
Nagar A.
Bansal J.C.
Deep K.
Pant M.
Das K.N.
Published in: Proceedings of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
Abstract: Biogeography-based optimization (BBO) is a population-based metaheuristic evolutionary algorithm proposed by Simon (IEEE Trans Evol Comput 12 (6):702–713, 2008 [1]). It is based on the theory of island biogeography which deals with the migration, speciation, and extinction of the species in a habitat. It has excellent exploitation ability but lacks in exploration. After the inception of BBO, a lot of modifications and hybridizations are introduced to enhance its performance. This paper focuses on various modifications and refinements in the migration and mutation operators of the original BBO and its hybridization with other populationbased meta-heuristic algorithms. In the end, some open problems related to BBO are highlighted encouraging future research in this novel area. © Springer India 2015.
Citation: Proceedings of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, (2015), 529- 545
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Keywords: Biogeography-based optimization (BBO)
Meta-heuristic algorithms
Computation theory
Problem solving
Soft computing
Biogeography-based optimizations
Biogeographybased optimizations (BBO)
Island biogeography
Meta heuristic algorithm
Mutation operators
State-of-the art reviews
Heuristic algorithms
ISBN: 9.79E+12
ISSN: 21945357
Author Scopus IDs: 56594391300
Author Affiliations: Garg, V., Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India
Deep, K., Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee, India
Corresponding Author: Garg, V.; Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology RoorkeeIndia; email:
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