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Title: Simulation of thermally protected cylindrical container engulfed in fire
Authors: Ojha M.
Dhiman, Amit KumarK.
Guha K.C.
Published in: Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries
Abstract: Composite cylindrical containers are broadly used in many industries for storage and transport of hazardous materials. The focus of this study is to evaluate the performance of thermal protection layer in different fire situations likely to be encountered during an accident and to minimize the risk of loss of containment. Flame temperature is simulated based on temperature-time curve used in furnace test. The developed model for transient heat conduction in composite cylinder consisting of three layers is investigated using Crank-Nicholson finite difference method (FDM) with inclusion of temperature dependent thermal conductivity. Normal and worst case scenarios have been considered and the performance of non-ablative type thermal protection layer evaluated. Rigid foam type thermal protection layer made of different materials is considered and changes in their density (50-200kg/m 3), conductivity (0.05-0.15W/mK), temperature dependent conductivity and thickness of thermal protection layer (100-250mm) on temperature profile are demonstrated for a pool fire simulating standard temperature-time curve. Variation of temperature with elapsed time at the interface between material and inner wall of the cylinder has been plotted for different thickness of protective layer (100-250mm) which provides the vital information for preliminary assessment of protective layer thickness required to limit the temperature at the interface for the given time of exposure to fire and prevents the failure of cylindrical container. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.
Citation: Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries (2012), 25(2): 391-399
Issue Date: 2012
Keywords: Finite difference method
Hazardous material
Thermal protection layer
Transient heat conduction
ISSN: 9504230
Author Scopus IDs: 53983039900
Author Affiliations: Ojha, M., Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India
Dhiman, A.K., Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India
Guha, K.C., Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mysore, India
Corresponding Author: Dhiman, A.K.; Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India; email:
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