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Title: Effect of machining parameters on MRR during wire electric discharge cutting of SICP/6061 AL MMC
Authors: Shandilya P.
Jain, P. K.
Published in: Proceedings of Annals of DAAAM and International DAAAM Symposium
Abstract: This paper reports experimental investigations of the effect of machining parameters namely servo voltage (SV), pulse-on time (T0N), pulse-off time (T0FF) and wire feed rate (WF) on material removal rate (MRR) during wire electrical discharge machining (WEDC) of SiCp/6061 Al metal matrix composite (MMC). The experiments were conducted using one- factor- At- A- Time experiment strategy in which only one input parameter was varied while keeping all others input parameters constant. It was found that maximum value of MRR is obtained at lower value of voltage, higher value of pulse-on time, lower value ofpulse-off time and lower value of wire feed rate.
Citation: Proceedings of Annals of DAAAM and International DAAAM Symposium, (2011), 745- 746. Vienna
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Danube Adria Association for Automation and Manufacturing, DAAAM
Keywords: Material removal rate (MRR)
Metal matrix composite (MMC)
Wire electric discharge cutting (WEDC)
ISBN: 9.78E+12
ISSN: 17269679
Author Scopus IDs: 54785113700
Author Affiliations: Shandilya, P.
Jain, P.K.
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