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Title: Assessment of suitability for hemodynamic levitated centrifugal pump as left ventricular assist device
Authors: Kannojiya V.
Das, Arup Kumar
Das P.K. (Conference)
Massarotti N.
Nithiarasu P.
Dutta P.
Ranganayakulu C.
Published in: Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Methods for Thermal Problems
Abstract: Cardiovascular disease such as chronic heart failure and heart attack imposes a serious threat to human life which needs a costly treatment to overcome the risk of life. The key factors responsible for heart failure are the systolic or diastolic dysfunction of a damaged ventricle. Left ventricular assist devices (LVAD) are the small mechanical pumps that are designed to execute the functions of a failed ventricle. In this work, a cost-effective, assistant device for the left ventricle of the heart having hemodynamically levitated impeller with spiral groove bearing is numerically proposed. It overcomes the inherent high weight complications as observed in the established magnetically levitated impeller. The simulation study is carried out using ANSYS CFX to check various versions of LVAD so that a novel design can be obtained for providing the optimum pressure head and blood flow rate at the cost of least shear stress. The turbulence characteristics of the blood flow through the LVAD are solved by implementing standard k-ϵ turbulence scheme. Several designs of blade profiles, blade numbers, and impeller wall roughness are tested at different operating rotational speeds to obtain a favorable and effective design. The developed LVAD could produce the required flow rate of 3-7 liters per minute against the systolic pressure head of the left ventricle ranging from 90-130 mm Hg. The backward curved blade impeller configuration is found to be the most effective design due to its uniform pressure and less shear generation, whereas the forward curved blade design showed poor performance. A centrifugal circulatory support for end-stage cardiac failure treatment is developed which is capable of delivering blood from the left ventricle to the aorta. © 2018 by the authors of the abstracts.
Citation: Proceedings of International Conference on Computational Methods for Thermal Problems, (2018), 915- 919
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Dalian University of Technology
Keywords: Centrifugal Pump
ISSN: 23055995
Author Scopus IDs: 57201503183
Author Affiliations: Kannojiya, V., Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee247667, India
Das, A.K., Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, IIT Roorkee247667, India
Das, P.K., Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur721302, India
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